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The Poodle Place
Attention: Toy size puppies that are needing to travel will require the new owner to fly in to pick up puppy or can hire a pet nanny to fly with puppy to your location. This is for the safety of puppy during flight of these precious tiny puppies.
All puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. We request a $200, non-refundable deposit, to hold a puppy or get waiting list. The full balance including refundable spay/neuter deposit is due in full at time of pickup. Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age, pending they are fully weaned from mom and eating solid foods. Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and dewormer, and will be vet checked. We will have started crate training and house training. Pet families only, no brokers. If you wish to obtain full registration, with the rights to breed, please contact us for additional information and pricing If deposit is pending, will allow no more than 4 days to receive deposit. The puppy will be marked ‘hold’ at this time. If deposit is not received, then hold is removed and puppy is available for next interested buyer. If deposit is received puppy will be marked as sold. All puppies must be picked up by 8 weeks of age, or must have a signed boarding agreement. If a puppy is not picked up as per these terms, deposit will be forfeit and puppy will be placed back up for sale.
Formatting change. The toy & mini page will now be divided into each breed. At the beginning of the section you will see a header with a waiting list, then litters based off of birthday or expected litter date.
Deposits are posted by date received. Date Name Preference EX: 05/12/20 Lisa L. Female With each litter, selection begins from the top of the list. Once you chose, your name is moved to the pup selected and the list is condensed after all pups are selected. You may pass on the pups in a litter, to wait for your perfect pup, but not lose your place on the list.
Maltipoo Waiting List Pass =Green Breeder Pick 1. 4/29/20 Wendi C. Fe 2. 6/08/20 Robyn D. rd 3. 6/25/20 Louis/Stacy T. ML, RD 4. 07/08/20 Angelique C. 5. 07/09/20 Phyllis D. Apricot 6. 7/13/20 Brandon K. 7. 7/17/20 Sandra L. Ap/Rd 8. 7/22/20 Goy P. ml, Ap/Rd 9. 8/4/20 Holly S. 10. 8/24/20 Cherie G. 11. 9/1/20 Lin A. (G, MP) 12. 9/1/20 John F. Ap/Ap w/ white 13. 9/24/20 Jill J. (C,M) 14. 9/24/20 Terri J. 15. 10/29/20 Jude T. Fe 16. 11/2/20 Gregory P. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
Maltipoo Prices starting at: Solids: $1100 Male $1300 Female White Markings: $1300 Male $1500 Female
Sire/Dad 4 lb Apricot CKC F1 Maltipoo
Dam/Mom 7 lb Red AKC Toy Poodle
Morkipoo Waiting list Pass=green Breeder Pick 1. George H. Fe 2. 3.
Sire/Dad 4 lb Apricot CKC F1 Maltipoo
CKC Teacup Morkipoo Litter code:hore0920 09/30/20 Take home date: 11/25/20
Dam/Mom 5.5 lb CKC Silver & Tan F1 Morkie
Sire /Dad 10 lb AKC Red Toy Poodle
Dam/Mom 9 lb CKC Maltese
CKC F1 Maltipoo Litter code:leph1120 Born: 11/18/20 Selections after 3 weeks old Take home date: 1/13/2021
Dam/Mom 7 lb CKC Maltese
CKC F1 Maltipoo Litter code:resi0121 Due: 01/02/21
Hayden Apricot Male 1 Red Collar $1500 Sold Linda T. DOB: 09/30/2020 CKC Morkipoo
Hanna Apricot Abstract Female 2 Yellow Collar $1700 Sold Branden S. DOB: 09/30/2020 CKC Morkipoo
Harley Tri Phantom Parti Female 4 Green Collar $1900 Breeder Pick DOB: 09/30/2020 CKC Morkipoo
CKC F1b Maltipoo Litter code:prre1120 Born: 11/26/20 pic coming soon
Sire /Dad 4.5 lb AKC Red Teacup Poodle
Male Le1 Red Collar Apricot abstract, teacup $1800 DOB: 11/18/2020 CKC F1 Maltipoo